Welcome at Jen Ramen Shop

This is an Online-Store, where you can buy Ramen indigents. You have to cook the Ramen at your home by yourself. The shipping takes normally 2-5 work days. 

If you want to eat our Ramen  directly, you can buy them in our restaurants. Please preorder your Togo food at our homepage and tell us there when you want to pick it up.


How to cook

To enjoy the perfect Ramen adventure, you have to warm up the soup.  DO NOT warm up the soup inside the microwave! The noodles have different cooking times. You have to cook the thin noodles 1 Minute and the thick noodles 5 minutes in water. Do not put any salt or different inside the water! When the noodles are finished shake them inside a noodle sieve, to remove the water complete. Now put the noodles and the warm sauce together and enjoy your Ramen! You can add by yourself Topping for more taste.