Miso Ramen Vegan

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Miso Ramen Vegan

味 噌ラーメンビーガン

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savoury, subtle fruit-notes, well rounded

Miso describes one kind of fermented soybeans (besides Soysauce, Natto, ...).
Soybean proteins are broken down in the fermentation process, resulting in a rich, brown paste - full of essential amino acids.

Miso Ramen Vegan


1 unit contains

  • Ramen-Soup 1xPortion ca. 280g

  • Ramen-Noodles "thick" 1xPortion  ca. 100g


recommended Toppings

Soybean Sprouts, finely chopped carrots - onion - fried or raw

Salad, Bamboo (Menma), Springonion, Corn, Wakame (Algae), Mushrooms



Soy, Sesame, fruit, Mushroom, Algae, Garlic, Gluten, pepper


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